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    Why is it that the Irish escort named Abbey was allowing punters to submit reviews, but the option has since been removed?
    Whilst on the topic why is it that escorts are allowed to remove the option of allowing punters to submit reviews? Seems a bit suspect that punters aren't allowed to provide feedback on certain girls.
    Any of the well established successful escorts would agree that the review system is their most powerful marketing tool. As well as the only way for the clients to vet the girls before meeting them.

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    The reason some escorts have no review options is that they have declined having reviews.

    We do not allow escorts to pick and choose which reviews they will accept and decline, but we do allow them to opt out of the reviews system completely if this is their wish. Why is somewhat explained in

    Unfortunately, yes, occassionally escorts probably do opt out of reviews because they provide a lousy service, but there are plenty of other legitimatte reasons why an escort might not want reviews, so we are not comfortable forcing ladies to take reviews if it is not what they want.

    Bear in mind many of the ladies on E-I are showing enough online that there is no pretending they are not escort to friends, family, legal, tax people etc. For many reasons, not all such ladies are going to be comfortable with everyone reading about how one day PunterJoe is riding them and the next PunterJack is getting a good BJ off them. They find review content too explicit or too invading of their privacy. Also, for example, some ladies find that someone reviews them saying they had great anal with them one week and the next week they get all these guys looking for anal, and this is a problem for them, as it is not something they generally do and they don't want to be seen as an anal provider.

    We've also had several ladies with all good review opt out in recent times, for safety or well-being reasons, e.g. They feel the ladies with loads of good reviews are seen as the ones making the most money and subsequently targetted by guards and robbers etc more so than others.

    Hope this somewhat explains the situation to you. As you possibly know most other escort review sites don't allow ladies to opt out of being reviewed, but we do, and we think this is only fair. It is true that guys often look at escorts that don't allow reviews and think "She must be a bad escort" and that's the price that escorts that refuse reviews pay, but we don't think it would be right for us to force all ladies to take reviews, we wouldn't be comfortable doing that when we often have escorts coming to us saying they don't want reviews and we can see it is not because they are bad escorts, it is for real personal or safety reasons.
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