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Thread: price war

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    Default price war

    why arent we having one and why arent we the punters benifiting.there are so many eastern european girls around its strange prices havent dropped from the standard 150..........anyone finding lower prices in cork?

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    Smile Are you guys serious?

    Quote Originally Posted by willow1963 View Post
    why arent we having one and why arent we the punters benifiting.there are so many eastern european girls around its strange prices havent dropped from the standard 150..........anyone finding lower prices in cork?
    Your living in a fuckin dreamworld. Why should they bring the prices down? In fact two massage parlours (owned by the same clown) increased their prices from 130 to 150 last summer. The fact of the matter is there will always be guys looking for a ride. Dont believe me? Well check out Cork sts. The average and it could be more now, was around the 70 mark.Its going up all the time but has stopped guys from driving (like langersbut thats a different story) around the sts. There are guys out there that would pay anything and the girls know. Its the only way that the would ever get a ride. One guy offered Andrea (an ex gf and st gilr) a grand to go bareback but she refused.
    Stick the price up to 200 per half and guys will still pay,go to 250 and they will still save up and pay.Plain and simply escorts will always get buisiness.
    As for Cork sts ,no eastern europeans there but too many of them walking around in general (but that again is a different story.
    Dont be fooled by a few guys screaming about the prices because their again living in a fuckin dream world. Incidently one or two of these guys are quick enough to post sick shit just because a girl doesnt fall for them.
    Rant Over.

    You can see the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon from my bedroom,

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    Default competition

    its a great thing in any buisness and that was a hell of a rant there westside......its a two way street,,,,punters need escorts and escorts need punters.....

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    Smile Yes but.....................................................................

    Quote Originally Posted by willow1963 View Post
    its a great thing in any buisness and that was a hell of a rant there westside......its a two way street,,,,punters need escorts and escorts need punters.....

    Its the escort that calls the shots at the end of the day. An escort can always do without a particular punter. Doubt me? At least the escort is making money at the end of the day. If they upped the price to 200/half hour ,they would still get it. Granted some guys would have to stay at home and play with themselves but life is life.
    See escorts have men by the bollox so to speak the same as women in general. That beaut that you could be looking at ,a lot of times ,would be nervous and unsure of herself but and this is a big but, she still knows that she has you by the daddy bags. Sex is the one thing women have over guys. Guys will always need women for sex and women know it too well which brings me back to my point.They can up the price, call you a cunt, you could put up a nasty review but low and behold if she called you ,you would go back. You of course is just a general term here.Im not referring to you as such.You know im too fond of you to do that. Take it easy.

    But heres a Westside fun fact........................

    For lunch today i had half a pint of strawberry yoghurt and a plate of egg fried rice with curry sauce,

    Dont shake me,

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    Default VAlue

    If the product was better because you are paying more than fair enough. Was up at citywest last week 160 for half hour english bird lets me in says go in the the bedroom, 10min later comes in no bj no massage couldnt finger her. wham bam end of story. I have become more fussy and so not punting as much and this holds true with a lot of guysd.

    The reality is there are very few real Independent Girls out there so price is fixed by the head guys.
    BTW if anyone knows where Abi is these days would love to know

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    Westie, come to Limerick and I will take you to the place that does the best curry in Ireland.................

    Westie is right to an extent that the girls have the punters by the balls but there are a few things worth considering :-

    Push comes to shove, the broke guys CAN and WILL use their hands. There's enough porn on the net these days........

    By hiking their price, escorts may still get the increased tarrif but the number of clients will drop (and thats a fact, ask me as a punter with limited means)

    The reason why punters visit escorts is NOT because they are necessarily deprived of pussy, but they get addicted to a compulsive need for change in their sex for me (I can only speak for myself), after a max of 3 punts with the same escort, I find it impossible to climax with the same escort on the fourth occassion.............I will go for even an uglier or an older one for a change and enjoy immensely but not consecutively 4 times even if it is Angelina Jolie or Demi you get the point mate.........?

    Having said that, the woman I have been with most is a certain 45-50 year old KIM working off the streets who comes handy at 50 euros a shot (with durex)

    She engages for a maximum of 15-20 minutes per client and does a far greater turnover than the in-house escorts working from hotels.......5-8 minutes for a quick covered BJ + fuck in the car plus 5 and 5 =10 minutes to travel 'to and back' from some quiet corner in a nearby industrial estate).............she is like my reserve pussy.........when the choice is scarce or prices too high, she comes handy.............only downside, you have to do it in a car (unless you are willing to bring her to a hotel).

    Now, if you consider that every fifth fuck I have is with Kim, I have sex with her an average 2-3 times a month which equals 24 - 30 times a year and she ends up making a neat 1250 - 1500 per year from me alone (+ the bottle of perfume and wine as her Christmas bonus and the occassional lift to her home if I am the 'last customer' of the night, saving her a few quid on the cab too) !

    For a long long time when there were enough Slovakian girls available on the streets for 50-70 euros per shot, they did a roaring trade, even yours truly wasn't browsing the EI site too often..............but I can tell you one thing..........

    if the price does drop to approx 100 for 20 minutes, me and many like me would punt more often (upto 5 per week instead of 2 or 3)

    So, moral of the story ? Rules of economics apply in all spheres of life.......even sex.

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    Smile Well..........................................................................

    they will always get customers. Always. Dont assume that they want more and more.A lot of girls have an inkling of what good money would be and go for that. Andrea used to do that.She go working at about 12.30 and set a target of four. At 80 a go she make 320/nightly x 5 =1600 weekly. Not bad for an hour a night.
    I agree that some go to escorts for different reasons but the vast bulk do it becuase they cant get sex for whatever reason and alot simply just married the wrong person. If the prices dropped escorts would get more of the lower class of income groups but is that what theyd want?
    A lot of escorts are money minded to begin with, which enables them to do their the cost of emotional trauma is offset by the money that they make. For some even the cost of fuckin their health up is worth the money. It all depend son perspective.
    Fact of the matter is, if prices dropped ,they would get more. If prices rose they would still get enough to get by on. A lot of guys in upper professions have fuck all but their jobs and use escorts alot and would pay alot more because to them its actually not much.

    Look at the price increases of drink, ciggies etc. Has this stopped people drinking ?Nope they are doing it just as much if not more.

    People will always pay money for a vice of some sort, always ,regardless of the prices.

    You couldnt afford to buy me food, im an eating machine,

  8. Default What A Load Of Shit!!!

    I'm inclined to disagree with a lot of your opinions Westside. To suggest that girls would get more if they charged less is bordering on stupid, its not fucking Dunnes Stores. They have a pussy that will take x amount of punishment, so charging less than they get now but increasing their customers will basically give them a sore pussy for the same money. Shit like they accepting mental trauma or risking ill health for money..for fucks sake I done both in a factory for shit money as have a lot of people. You talked about some 'clown' in cork who has two massage the fuck could he be a clown?? he is surrounded by free pussy and they pay him a fucking fortune for the privelige of riding for him...if thats a fucking clown...paint my face and gimme the fucking big shoes. Your posts though entertaining are fucking seriously off the mark but in reality who gives a flyng fuck. Prostitution is a seriously successful business sometimes operated by someone with less brain than their punters, so with that kind of combination why the fuck would anyone even consider lowering prices or expecting them to be lowered.

    So I said love me or fuck off...she fucked off!

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    I agree that escorts in this rip off kip are way too expensive. I'm in Prague next month and have lined up a georgeous escort who will cost me 250 euro for 3 hours...thats value for money

  10. Default I agree!

    But thats the way it is....this country is a fucking rip off for escorts.....and who is to blame.....I'll fucking tell ya who is to blame!!!!!

    It was the first shower of wankers that answered the very first escort adverts. When they were told 'its a 50 for a half hour' or whatever the fuck it was. They should have said 50 FOR A FUCKING RIDE???? 50 FOR A FUCKING RIDE???? ARE YOU MAD YOU FUCKING CRAZY BITCH, IS YOUR FUCKING PUSSY GOLD PLATED OR WHAT. But did the fucking prick say that? like fuck he did....he stood there snivelling like the fucking wanker he was and said 'No problem love' You fucking bastard you shafted the rest of us....YOU'RE THE REASON ITS FUCKED UP TODAY.



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