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Thread: Isabella & Maria in Waterford

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    Default Isabella & Maria in Waterford

    Just wondering if anybody has been with either of these ladies. Dont see any reviews yet. Was thinking about seeing one of them, any info would be a help. But then again with Suzie Wong coming for a visit i might hold off until then!

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    Default me too

    I was wondering the same but it doesn't look promising Isabella seems to have disappeared to be replaced by Paula and Maria has never gotten around to finishing her profile but if the fake pics are anything to go by it doesn't looking promising. When is Suzie Wong due?

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    Yeah i think Paula is agency anyway. Isabella has gone to Cork or Limerick. I tried to set up an appointment with Monica the other day but then she refused to answer several times when i called her back to get precise location.
    Oh well, at least it seems to be picking up a bit. Suzie is here around the 26th and 27th. See "the other" site for exact details. Think ill pay her a visit.
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    I notice Jasleen is back in Waterford and she is well worth a visit. She's telling porkies about her age on the profile but she does provide a very good service, is friendly and doesn't rush you out the door afterwards. By the way have you noticed if you click on escorts with verified pics in the waterford section two of the profiles have no pics at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppfxxx View Post
    By the way have you noticed if you click on escorts with verified pics in the waterford section two of the profiles have no pics at all
    Accepted, this is a bug of sorts in the search... It looks at our notes on whether or not we have verified pics for the girl and gives you back all those that we have answered yes to that question, but it doesn't take into consideration that many ladies put photos up then take them down... It needs to check if we have current photos for the lady also or else you do get the odd one with no pics... This is on our fix list at the moment and should be sorted out within a week or so.

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    Yeah noticed she is back alright, under her third different name. Never understand why they do this? Yeah i had a feeling she was being generous to herself with the age, but sure if you hold that against an escort there wouldnt be any left too see.
    Still keen to see Monica even though she was a disaster to try meet the last time. Let me know if you pay her a visit in the mean time.

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    I haven't heard about any Monica in Waterford (unless you mean the famous Monica from a couple of years back). Has she advertised here?

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    Oh no, not that Monica.....definatly not!
    I just made a spelling error, meant to say Maria.

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