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Thread: who is the best escort out there????

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    Smile who is the best escort out there????

    hi guys, just a curious question on who do ye think is the best overall escort out there now
    ie: looks, services, money, features, tits, ass, face
    who is top of the pops, cos im sick of wasting money on bad escorts
    i know everyone has their own tastes but if the same escort cums up then maybe shes the one

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    well like surely to gawd youd look at the reviews and the most consistent 1 is the escort for you.....
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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    Hello whitey, another man's taste might not be good enough for you. Would you mind guiding us a bit more in terms of ethnicity, your target rate, size and so on.....

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    Unhappy best escort out there

    I agree with some other punters that it is a matter of taste. On this basis I would suggest either Michelle Mature or a touring lady Shaniquar who will most certainly captivate you.

    On the other extreme I could also name the worst one but some people are touchy....

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    Lightbulb Its a matter of preference...........................................

    to give an eg. I was with one portugese and two spainish in Cork last sept or so. One of these girls gets a load of good reviews.You know what though, she did nothing to me.A nice girl but just not for me even as a punter. I wouldnt go back to her for free. I would however pay more for the other two girls. Does this mean that the other girl is bad.Nope.Just my preference.

    I love Black Girls though,

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    Wink Exactly Lad......................................................................

    <If I am not pleased with myself, but should wish to be other than I am, why should I think highly of the influences which have made me what I am? >

    To hell with those other influences in your life and allow Westside to guide you through this journey.

    See me as a light ,not a guide,

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    Quote Originally Posted by westside View Post

    I love Black Girls though,

    oooooo! lovely I heard Irish gents have similar taste

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    Smile Not just escorts Sweetie...............................................

    im genuinely attracted to black ladies. A good looking black lady is enough to give me a stroke. hope to meet one someday to be my mate for life unless i find a different coloured lady that im mad about.

    Why do Black people disappear in a pub at last call?

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    Smile A good choice

    You won't go far wrong with a very attractive South American girl (gavota) called Bruna . She has dark hair , a lovely smile , a fantastic athletic body with perfect tanned skin and a warm welcome . She is not a clock watcher .

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