I was in town this morning at 8.30 to meet Laura who had hoped to fit me in even though yesterday was her last day. When i tried her at that time (and earlier) there was no reply. Fair enough it hadn't been guaranteed so i thought I'd try one of the girls.

Vanessa has 9am on her profile but from experience I don't think she gets out of bed (in the innocent sense) until about 11am so i knew i was going to have to be very lucky. I wasn't.

So I am in Dublin 1, then decide i really should go to, or at least head towards, work, so look at the D2 24 hour availability, 3 swings, 3 strikes.

I'm on my way to the south county so i head towards D4 and Barrow Street in particular. 3 swings, I had in my mind a table of 3 young blondes, having breakfast, all ignoring their phones or saying "he's trying me now!". 3 strikes.

I was just about to make a D6 call when i got a call myself from someone who was waiting to see me so that was the end of it....


slightly frustrated but then again I have a couple of nights out coming up which will be costly enough.

anyway...who was shagging all the birds??