I posted a review as i was really disappointed with an escort mainly because she was not the girl in the picture as advertised. If they are gonna lie they may as well take the criticism with it. The escorts name is Anda. This was my review,
"The girl who answered the door was not the girl in the picture at all. The girl in the picture is said to be 5'7", the girl who answered the door was about 5'0", her breasts were not 38c as advertised they were more a 32b (big difference). She was in no way curvy more like a body of a pre pubescent child.. A big turn off. Was too excited about the meeting to decline and thought it might get better. It didnt. Yes she did what was asked or suggested of her, but too rough and seemed to just want to get the job over and done with, reminded of the time when 5 mins left, given two baby wipes and practically hurried out the door. She also kept her pop socks on around her ankles through out the hour.. Biggest turn off ever."
We paid 300 which was a waste of time effort and money.