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    Default Patricia !

    So tell me this Patricia. What is it that would turn on a woman like you the most.

    Big Dick.

    Big Wallet.




    Please rank 'em. Your insight would be most welcome.

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    [1] Looks. Please nobody misinterpret this as a sign that I am someone who considers looks more important than anything else in a man, as I certainly don't, but you asked me about what turns me onto a person, and I think looks play a massive part in that specific area (though of course all different looks appeal to all different people so what I like is not the same as what every other woman likes)!

    [2] Humour. If he's no fun, we'll have no fun!

    [3] Politeness. Patricia likes a man with manners and respect, not some ignornant little twat that she'd like to give a good slap around the ear!

    [4] Big Dick. Size of dick is not a big issue to Patricia once he knows what to do with it. I do not require a big dick. However I guess a really teeny weeney weiner would not be that impressive to Patricia!

    [5] Big Wallet. As westside will tell you all Patricia has bags of her own money so she doesn't need funding from any man!

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    Wink Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats Sweet.......Sweetie................

    you thinking of Westside.Now you would clip me around the ear would you?I think youd like me too much to do that unless you have a BDSM fetish.If i have touched your life for one joyous yet brief moment, i kindly say "your welcome. Live in the moment.Remove the Batteries From Your Clock.

    Happy Valentines Sweetie,

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