My experience as a couple was realy good. In the begin ''Me'' as female is a good excuus to come and try it out.. after 10 min started of the session I can start sing that song ''All by my self'' I dont get the attention anymore!

Sometimes I need a break and wanna have sex with a model looking guy? So once 1 year/6 monts I hire a very good looking Gigolo. Whats far above my level is in getting a partner.But they are not really happy about it because 9 out the 1o gigolo's are gay!

But its good for my job as well it keeps me focus, sometimes you need to be on the other side of the line. I hate when the Gigolo is totally not interested ore sound depressed on the phone. A big turn of is when the guy is all the time playing with his hair... I go like mann! Do you know how mutch im paying for this session? And you hair is so important? So I stop playing with my hair and try to sound nice and friendly on the phone. And let the man feel like they are important and its all about them for the session. Off course with some rules and fees..

And for doing couples? You know Lot of man are gay, ore Bi they don't admit it... But the question for Anal sex is not really normal. a real heterosexual man will never think about sex from the back giving ore receiving! Gay market is a good market and they get often better payed the female escorts.
Only the standards are realy high!

- Healty, toned body!
- Verry good Hygiene!
- Nice face
- Good attatude!
- No baby face!
Just look like a male lingerie model!

For female its diffrant, the bigger girls wit big boobs, little belly and less model looking get often more clients is my experience. I came a view pound on and im doing better than i was skinny!