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Thread: Dublin Massage Parlours of the 1990s

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    Default Dublin Massage Parlours of the 1990s

    I was a horny teenager in the in the early to mid 90s, and most of my sex play during that time took place in the many massage parlours that operated in Dublin then.
    In hindsight it really was a unique era back then, the parlours were serviced by totally Irish Girls/women and had a certain cosy and sleezy feeling about them, its something which new punters starting out these days wont ever experience, and believe me lads, it your loss.
    The going rate back then was about 50 pounds, which essentially got you a 15 minute massage, followed by either a blowjob or handjob to climax.
    As I said, I was a horny teenager back then; sex obsessed, and joyfully getting to discover the wonderfull delights of the female of the species, I recall the wonderment I felt at the thought about these wonderfull massage parlour establishments, where a guy like myself could just walk in to enjoy sex play with a women!
    Believe me it was a big big change for a guy like myself who up to then just made up plastic airfix models for fun!
    The girls, I have to say, were in general, not the best looking in the world, but most of them had fantasically big soft tits (well to me they did) which were a joy to watch, as their owner used baby oil to handjob you to ejectulation.
    Two places stood out for me, a place in Camden street (which had cubicles with en suite showers, great for undressing and showering in front of my massage female!) and another place in a lane off Thomas Street, dingy, a little dirty, but which always had a selection of cheerfull, early 20s Dublin Girls in short skirts.
    The Routine was familier, yourself and your girl (most likely wearing just bra and short skirt/knickers) went into the small massage room, you paid your moneys, undressed, had a shower, got on a massage table (light music playing in the background, dim red lights illuminating the room) and the girl began massaging your back with baby oil, feeling her soft hands running over your back always gave you an erection, and after a while you would turn over (a huge erection included!) and the girl would then massage your chest, making small talk (weather, music preferences etc) while both you. and her, totally ignored your huge swaying cock!
    After a while she would take off her bra, exposing what all horny young men lust for, and work like a demon on your cock ( A downside to me was the passive nature of the massage, you were not to touch the girl, you lied there which she did all the action) Upon ejectulation the same spunky mess always happened, because of the position of your cock, the spunk always shot up over your chest and chin! Be to me it was a big turn on that the girl could see my sperm
    Many a time I fantasised about grabbing my massage girl and putting her on the table for a good humping, but alas, a unfulfilled fantasy!
    Its a pity that these type of establishments have all but gone in this era of the Celtic Tiger, but thats life I suppose. Anyway, some pictures to give you all an idea of what those sleezy massage girls looked like back then, they always wore skirts or knickers, but the bras always came off!
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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