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Thread: Why has my review been deleted??????

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    Default Why has my review been deleted??????


    I submitted a reveiw of patricia paris on sunday..had seen that it was published....then after 24hrs it has been removed


    Is one no longer allowed to post the truth even if it is negative?

    Are escorts now dictating what reveiews are and are not allowed?


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    You were very avasive about the date. It could be outside the 3 month rule for all I know. Even though you said it happened a week ago you still couldn't remember the date "This appointment took place in Dublin sometime last week so date is not accurate" You could be anyone writing a review. So it's only fair to the escort you put down the right date. If we allowed any old review to go through anyone could make any old story about an escort. If you want it re-instated your going to have to say here or pm me the time and date. Then that way the escort has the potential to write a rebuttal if she wishes as she'll know whether she saw you or not. If you can't provide a date and time then I have to think it's fake.
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