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    Default The Competitions........................................

    Apart from the prize money being vvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy small ,how do you lovely ladies know if its going to be fair or not?

    Photo comp... How do you know if the photos are not copied or doctored? Its simple to do this, espeicially when there are millions of erotic pics out there.

    250 comp... Suppose i get 5 of my best mates and get them to log in here and give them a tenner each for it. That still leaves me 200 better off. Im not doing this but whats stopping this from being done.

    You my cats humping each other class as an erotic photo?

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    It is possible that one day we could award a prize to someone for a photo or story or whatever they nicked from somewhere online, but I don't think that will happen often, and if it did happen once in a blue moon it wouldn't be the end of the world.... This is just a bit of fun.

    Now I already told you I'm not discussing increasing prize monies with you, but my comisserations to you that you have to pay your friends to do stuff for you

    As for you cats... I'm not sure cat sex is that sexy (Though maybe you will shortly send us some photos that will show the world I am wrong if I think cat sex isn't sexy? ) I would however like to see a photo of one of your cats out on on your street with a sign tied around him/her (not in a cruel to animals way!) that says "For More Pussy Visit" or similar. It would impress me that your cat was out promoting this website on the mean streets of wherever you live in Ireland!

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