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Thread: The Mini Skirt Campaign !

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    Talking The Mini Skirt Campaign !

    Ok lads I have noticed in recent threads a lot of guys getting hot and bothered about topics that have absolutley nothing to do with nice escort females and their even nicer services, we are going off topic, we all need what my braindead managers call "focusing" (but they cant ever seem to focus on MY payrise).
    So in order to give us all something productive to focus on, I am formally launching the Dick Spunk Mini Skirt Campaign!.
    Mini skirts are, as I am always saying, the number 1 female attair for arrousing penises, they are my personal favorite item of wear for a female, they enhance her curves and show plenty of smooth female leg, I know that many escorts wear them - but not enough!
    I want ALL escorts to wear minis, and to those who already do, I now want them to wear micro mini skirts!
    So now, I am launching this campaign to have ALL escorts wear then ALL the time! (well plenty of groups in the country run mickey mouse campaigns, so why dont we?).

    Now imagine our campaign; we will personnaly appeal to all escorts to wear mini skirts! We will refuse to ejectulate with them if they dont! We will write to our TDs demanding laws to compell escorts to wear mini skirts!! We will hold public meetings! we will give interviews to newspapers and TV channells! And in a few months time we will hold a national Day of Action- We will all form up at the MISS KNICKERS sex shop here in Capel street in Dublin, from there we will march to Leinster house, and demonstrate there for Mini skirts!
    I tell you now, when those lilly livered politicans in there look out their windows and see us, hundreds of us, steely faced and determined, carrying placards inscribed MINI SKIRTS!, they will quiver in their cheap shoes!
    We will all be there, chanting- "MINI SKIRTS- MINI SKIRTS-MINI SKIRTS!"
    So are yous with me? Off course yous are!
    Now our campaign will need military precision for maximun effect, luckily I myself have military experience- having been a FCA private for a year in 1995,
    I myself will tackle the escorts on my own patch, Dublin 8, and I also delegate as follows-

    Westside-you are in command in Cork, get to work there boyo!
    Zobaanzoo- you are in charge of the Limerick Brigade.
    Hotrod you cover Northside Dublin
    Dub Lad-I need you handing out MINI SKIRT leaflets outside the GPO
    Johnr- you organise the march to Leinster House
    Dubjon- you are our spokesman, as you always get the last word in

    And to everybody else who I have not mentioned, I appeal to each and everyone of you, get out there, do your bit in your local area for the mini skirts campaign, never give up, never weaken! Remember in 20 or 30 years time, when our sons go to escorts, the escorts will all be wearing short mini skirts, because of what WE did in 2007!
    To quote Winston Churchill, It will be long in duration, It will bring blood sweat and tears, but victory will be ours!

    For added encouragement, I include pictures of what you will all be campaigning for . . .
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Name:	mini skirt MLTF.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt block stockings.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt girlfriend.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt poser.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt smooth legs.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt teaser.jpg 
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Name:	red mini skirt.jpg 
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Name:	mini skirt knickerless.jpg 
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Name:	white mini skirt.jpg 
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    Yes! ill never get sick of the mini-skirt! Even better, IMO, with bare leg under it! Ive often met girsl with mini-skirts but with tights on too. Still looks good, but not as good as a bit of skin

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    but sure If I see a girl in winter with a mini skirt like my gawd the poor girl's goolies must be frozen

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