heading to my buddies place ,i drove along through the morrisons island area of Cork and noticed the men who ,as another punter put it, actually walk the walk,ie numnuts were missing.The law must have cleared them like Joseph shifting (no not the kiss) his sheep in times gone by.
As i drove along i noticed this girl standing there and i knew she was dodgy straight away.So me being the inquisitive guy that i am "carefully" swung around and went back up the side street.Over she comes which brings me to my point. If your working as an escort and you think that your going to do a runner, at least have a straight face on you. Over she comes and i ask how much sweet? She says 100 in the car and i ask is she going to take me home and wash me and feed me as well for that.Shes says how much will i give her and i say how far does she intent on running with it.I had no intention of doing buisiness with anything last night.So be warned if your asked for a hundred ,there is a reason.More money, less runners.
So if your on Moirrisons Island in Cork and you see a girl, about 25 ,brown hair tied behind her back and with a nose that looks like she is eating a banana then if you give her money she is going to ask for it first and then run up the one way st and to the pimp boy waiting for her. Yep drove around the block, waited a few minutes and sure enough she rounded the cornor and got into pimp boys car.A silver 06 opel astra. And you should see him? What a langer. I have had tom cats that would beat him senseless.
The moral of this story? Who fuckin knows ,just a rant.

On yer Bike Pimpboy,