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    Hi guys,

    The long awaited E-I escort photography section is finally nearly ready to go!
    Jayne will shortly be contacting everyone who has expressed an interest in being listed as a photographer on E-I previously by email. We will also be posting the info here for anyone else that is interested.

    Basically, we will be asking everyone who wants to be listed as a photographer to fill out an online form, much like the escorts do currently. This form will then be reviewed by a member of our staff and put live (provided we are happy with the content of it). After that, if any photographer wants to suspend, remove or update his or her profile it is just a case of emailing us or filling out one of our contact forms.

    This is the information we plan to get from all photographers:

    Phone Number(s): (optional)
    Email Address:
    Web Address: (optional)


    Gender: Male/Female

    Skill Level: (Select: Amateur or Professional)

    Do you have a studio: Yes/No
    Do you take photos on location: Yes /No

    Do you offer hair and make up services also: Yes/No (I know most Irish escort photographers are not going to do this, but I also know many UK escort photographers do work with an assistant that can do hair and make up and I think a few may start to do this here in time so it would be nice to provide for it.)

    Do you offer photoshop editing of photos to blur face etc: Yes/No

    Who do you offer photography services to: (Select as many or as few as you want: Females, TVs, TSs, Males)

    E-I Escort's that can recommend: Optionally select any E-I escorts that you have taken photos of before and can recommend you.

    Rates: Select as many or as few of the following: Free / Payment In Kind / Budget Less Than €100 / Business Class €100 Plus

    Description: Space to add up to 800 characters of text about your photography services

    Photos: Optional. Up to 6 examples of work can be uploaded

    I think in addition to the above we will be asking all photographers to agree that unless otherwise agreed, any photos they take shall be the sole property of the escort and they will not use them in any form, as we believe the vast majority of escorts want this and it is appropriate in this situation, though I admit I need to give this matter a little more thought I think.

    We are also going to have a sort of verification process for photographers, like we have for escorts, where if we can establish certain information, we will "verify" the photographer.

    I'm posting all this here as I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it... E.g. Have I forgotten a question I should be asking? It is generally easier to get things right first time rather than go back and start changing them once they are already in use I find, so I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone could provide.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi guys,

    Just a quick post to let you know the photography section is now online:


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