AVOID ALYSSA AT ALL COSTS. (Italian one, phone: 087 9265731)


1. Shes an awful clock watcher, was constantly saying there was only a few minutes left.
2. Gave terrible covered oral - didn't feel a thing.
3. Was generally really aggressive and mouthy. She should do what shes told within reason (and I was within reason). After all we're paying the money.
4. Wouldn't do any kissing - I had nice fresh minty breath (unlike her).
5. The apartment was a disgrace, very dirty and had holes in the shower which were dangerous.
6. Location wasn't very discreet, right in the middle of the quays near O'Connell Bridge.
7. Wouldn't let me finger her pussy - what the fuck is wrong with that? Totally safe, I had just washed my hands.
8. Took a phone call while we were together.
9. Wouldn't allow me give her reverse oral.
10. Ended up with no sex at all as she couldn't get me hard and then fucked off when I did eventually get semi-hard claiming my time was up.

Overall a really bad experience and it was my first time! My advice is don't go near this one.
Can someone post a message telling us who are the good escorts in the city centre who will give a newcomer like me a good time?