this girl has opted out of the review system but I have to lt people know what she is like.
Thief and liar is all I can describe this one as.
Felt horny after a work night out so tried calling around for a last minute whim at 7:45-8:00 on a friday. Got through to her, sounded really nice on the phone and offered alot.
1st of all the pics are not her at all.
I stayed as the girl I met was actually goodlooking. Very nice on the phone, told me she had a bick dick and said we can do whatever I want, named a few things I wanted to do and was told no problem.
Paid my 150 for the half hour. Clothes came off, this girl has a 4 inch cock...nowhere near 9 as advertised.
Terrible boob job. very evident scars, really badly done stitch job.
She proceeded to play with my dick and put the condom on for a covered bj which lasted a few minutes. all the while I am playing with her cock which has no signs of gettin in any way hard.
Told her I wanted to fuck and I got up to start, she told me to lay down as she likes to be on top. thought ok.
she then proceeded to pretend to stick my cock in her ass, I know she didn't do it and she must of thought I was a fucking idiot or something that she could pull this on. 1st of all she didn't lube herself up and had her hand behind her back the whole time on my cock wanking it, she bounced around a bit and I was trying to push her down on to it. I'm not stupid, I can tell when I'm inside a girl fucking her and when it's just her hand. she then got off and proceeded to wank me as fast as she could so that I would cum.
Told her I wanted to fuck for real, she said we did and just continued going for a fast wank just to get me out of there. the whole visit lasted 10 mins maximum as I arrived at 9:05 and got changed and was out the door by 9:15

told her I wasn't happy with the service and that all she did was wank me off. told her I knew she didn't stick my dick in her. she didn't care, just rushing me out the door. asked for my money back, she ignored the comment.

don' go to this thief and liar