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Thread: Guilty Conscience . . . .

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    Default Guilty Conscience . . . .

    Fellow punters and good friends!
    I have a guilty conscience lately! Let me explain-
    Is it right for us to spend big money on escorts when the country is in dire financial straits?
    I wondered about this recently- The Taesoaich Mr Cowan needs our help to pay off the banks, and the Catholic church in Ireland needs money also, all those priests, Bishops and cardinals have big houses to maintain.
    So with all this in mind I decided to give up visits to escorts, and to give my escort money to the Goverment and the Church, - 150 euro to each of them a week, so I decided to start doing this!
    I went to the ATM and withdrew 300 euro, and began the walk to the Fianna Fail office, before heading over to the church, and to tell yous the truth I began to feel proud- I was doing my patrotic duty.
    No longer was I selfish and shallow, I was a good citizen!

    Then I bumped into Marika Suckova, the well known 18 year old Czech escort (pictured below).
    Yes it was tall slim Marika herself, in a tight denim mini skirt!
    "Hello Deek! How are you? I have come to Earland again! To have sex with all the sexy Earish men!"
    And I remembered my last time with her- she had a huge selection of mini skirts . . and cockrings . . and lipstick . . .
    "Deek- would you like to come to bed with me?"
    "I will wear any mini skirt you want in bed- and you can also wear one of my skirts like you did before! And we can fuck and fuck and fuck in bed! And you can cum and cum and cum over and over again with me Deek! Would you like that Deek?"

    "Yes Please!" was my eager reply.
    "300 Euro!" was her reply!

    Anyhow to cut a long story short fuck the goverment and the church! And no more guilty conscience!
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    well done dick

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    Hey hey, he lives...........

    Good to see you back Deek.............
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