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    Love shut up

    why is it that from nowhere MA now has an opinion on everything from cinema to paedophiles,is this rooted to the whining about lack of reviews she keeps going on about? the paedophile reference is pathetic and was rightly stopped. MA is active infrequently and therefore is less susceptible to review, but now she has a comment for everything. Rose, why dont you shut up for a while, already you are accused of statring threads to get publicity for yourself, maybe you believe your own mystical publicity, i have been with you, you are a wonderful experience, sensual, erotic and plain good fun, you dont have to pretend to be mata hari or the queen of sheba, what you have is enough for anybody, stop trying to be "news of the world", keep your class, there are plenty of soundbites out there, how do you want to be perceived? There are no discussion points about paedophelia, you have too much time to think, you are a sexual being thats worth cltivating, dont spoil it

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    Obviously she has taken heed Zic or maybe her 50 wank "special offer" has inflicted tendonitis to her typing hand , heh heh

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    Zicoo you have zero right to tell anyone to shut up, if you don't like someone's posting style put them on ignore. If we all had to not post because someone had issue then the site would be as dead and mono topical as others you could join if diversity and vibrancy and diversity of topcs both light and serious are not your thing. All are welcome to take part and the site is geared now to welcoming a wide range of topics from all sections of society and all nationalities. As to her last thread topic, I think most fair minded people would take into account that she worded it in such a way as to be interpreted wrongly as her making a case for the age to be lowered. I don't think she meant that at all its just a lost in translation thing. This is an adult site so such a topic should not be taboo but she was not making a case for such an horrific act.

    To say there are no discussion points on this issue is incorrect, what about the issue of the Catholic Church in relation to this, that has been talked about here and I did not see you tell those that started any thread about it to shut up. It is a horrible topic but sweeping it under the carpet is something we Irish are regrettably good at and not facing it down in an open and transparent way and it is that which has facilitated people who commit these acts to get away with it. The topic itself is not out of bounds here, making a case in favor of such an act to be committed on a minor is out of bounds but the issue is one sadly deeply ingrained into the very fabric of some aspects of Irish culture such as the Catholic Church and the people within the Church who committed these acts over decades did not fall from the sky, they came from among us and grew up in our society.

    We need to face up to that fact and telling someone who started a thread on this topic to shut up can only aide those that for so long depended on this being something that no one would talk about.

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