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    One thing that I would find helpful in the review system would be to have a profile of the reviewer (or a link to same) at the top of his list of reviews. This would be an opportunity for the reviewer to give the viewer an idea of where he is coming from and a basis on which to assess the reviews. For instance, in respect of myself I might say;

    'I am an older guy in my 50's, I have seen a lot of escorts. I go for tall slim attractive girls. I do not insist that the photos be genuine but I do expect the escort to resemble the photos and be equally attractive. I am mainly looking for GFE and for a girl who will put both body and soul into our encounter. I always shower, shave, brush teeth etc. immediately before seeing an escort and will offer to have a shower there if the escort would like me too. I do not need a lot of English as I expect my lips to be otherwise engaged. FK is probably my main thing and I am very careful about my dental hygene. I am not big into OR*L and prefer to give rather than receive in this department, therefore I usually do not comment on a girls proficiency. I do not do AN*L and my not mentionig it is no indication that the escort does not do it. I keep myself anonymous so that I can comment truthfully about her age, weight etc and still go back to the girl without the risk of a knife in my back!!'

    Maybe this is too longwinded but you get the idea. I think that something like this would enable those looking at my reviews to get more out of them. I also think that it may be a little help in sussing the genuine reviewers.

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    Good idea but how many would do it. Maybe It should be a stipulation for TRs.

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    Each profile has an "About Me" section where people could write whatever they feel like writing about themselves. I normally check this section when I look at the reviews but not many people will do the same (some people won't even know how to get there) and anyhow most reviewer would leave the "About Me" section blanc or put some smart arse comment in there

    So yes, a short description of what a reviewer is looking for in general would be very useful for others punters if this would be visible on the actual review. Based on this description, others could identify with the reviewer, increasing their own chance for a perfect appointment with the same escort. The opposite works as well ...

    Escorts would benefit of this too when dealing with punters via PM or replying to threads from "Client Requests" section.
    ( I don't reply anymore to those threads because I grew tired of people asking for recommendation in Cork and when someone brings up my name, the reply seems to be lately: "nice girl but not my cup of tea". So if you all define what your cup of tea is, things would be more clear for everyone.)

    Having such a description mandatory for trusted reviewers is really a good idea because many people are looking up to these reviewers and everybody would appreciate some facts in this regard.

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