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Thread: One review per person per escort

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    Default One review per person per escort

    We have a situation where it is one review per person per escort. But i see we have a situation where same
    escort has been reviewed twice by same person with different profiles. Obviously the profile of the reviewer
    would be banned i presume if this was know, the question is what sanction would be taken against the
    escort as she also would be aware that they are from the same person. Im not questioning the content
    of the reviews just the duplicity as the content more than likely is correct . But that is irrelevant as the
    escort is getting an unfair advantage
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    I tink the escort be stopped from advertising

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    The escort is in a tough situation on this one. On the one hand, she shouldn't knowingly benefit from a review which violates the rules. On the other hand, she shouldn't give out identifying information about clients. And saying two users are the same is partly identifying information. It's not my decision, obviously, but I would think ratting the review and attaching a note is enough, as far as the escort is concerned.

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