I have maybe 12-15 friends and we like to use this "hobby "in the past few years .We had a great party 2 days ago in Cork-Douglas and to make it more fun we called a few ladies from different "offices" to share some laugh./as you can hear our group is a mix of EU inc. UK boys./But we really would like to know this : why you let girls use not correct information about herself. As we had/out of 8/ 3 different ladies with less then 1 week old profile/but they work mostly here in the past 2-3 years/Some of my friends they couldnt believed how can this possible as You guys know most of them very well. Just to give you an example ,a lady who 41 years old or more /as some of my bodies know her very well she is from Cork in the past 4 years / on her profile 35 then change to 38 now with plus 8-10 kg extra ,and she put as 168 cm ,she is not more then 160.max....and as we looked back ,she had "thatoos " on her profile nothing on her skin./so who is the "sister" on the pictures?/...my question is as we sale good cars for living ,would you like anybody from here to buy a Porsche, Merc, Bmw ,Ferrari etc exmpl. 2005- and pay for 2008/2009 , or more , maybe a replica ,for anybody ????
Thank you for taking your time , and is a true story ,unfurtunatly from your "team."
Good luck!