There was an interesting article by Carrie Hamilton in the Guardian a few days back: Enough middle-class feminism | Carrie Hamilton | Comment is free |

It's about modern feminism, not about the sex industry, but midway through she says
The favourite topics of these organisations seem to be lap-dance clubs, pornography, lads' magazines and the sex industry in general. This is part of a growing trend in middle-class feminism. Feminist writers and bloggers can't seem to get enough of prostitution and pornography these days. But these are not the most important issues for the majority of women. Why should a sex worker be a symbol of sexism any more than a competent professional woman denied promotion in favour of a younger male colleague? Or a teenage girl who doesn't get the education she deserves because her family are too poor to play the postcode lottery or pay tuition fees? Or a migrant woman whose children are locked in a detention centre?

The serious issues of violence against women, and sexist oppression generally, are grossly simplified when they are constantly associated with the sex industry. Feminist campaigns to eliminate sex work by claiming that it is the same as violence against women are not only bad for the sex workers they aim to protect. They're also bad for feminism.