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    Unhappy spanking scene

    hi every one.

    Just wanted to really let go on this one as the frustration had built up to such a degree. I am a guy who is into the spankng scene as a top(dominent) person but I also like the receiving part in small doses. While a lot of escorts will provide the service as the giver, very few that I know of, and thats not to say they dont entirely exist, will provide a truely submissive service.

    By that I mean a professonal who will take a hand spanking paddling and maybe even a good old fashioned 6 of the best in the traditional manner all of course within strictly agreed limits within the role play exercise.

    I go to London a couple of times a year where there are absolutely no shortage of such ladies available to " play with". The scene is so vibrant and alive its really refreshing while over here (if it exists) it seems so represseed and underground.

    Going to London is fine and its all very nice to escape every so often but its so frustrating that in our own country here I cant "play" to the same extent. I have been with a few escorts in my time and only one a touring english lady was willing to engage in any serious level of "play". The others in certain cases would only allow playful slaps on thier bottoms which is fine in a general foreplay kind of way but doesnt at all suit my fetish(i hate that word) or requirements.

    Is their anybody who can heed my desperate cry for help being made in the wilderness??????



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    Hello Gents,

    I like to be spanked and I am touring Cork in Mid February if it any help.

    Jackie xxx

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