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    I made the mistake of visiting an escort that was advertised as independent but in fact was an agency. The escort was extremely unattractive and di not resemble the supposedly verified picture. I explained politely that I was not happy with the resenblance and was threatened. The girl proceeded to try and extort money from me and prevented me from leaving and subsequently grapped me as I tried to leave. After leaving the agency rang me and threathened me. In this situation its the girls word against mine and although I had a facial ingury I was in no position to report the assault. The threats were of a serious nature. There are two reviews on the website for this girl who is currently suspended. One is negative and accurate and one is positive and inaccurate. You have to be very careful. I recomend do not go with any agency, do not use a traceable phone, be wary of thugs working for agency and do not reveal you identity by car number plates or phone number as some of these people can be very nasty. If you have any questions please post query. Note I normally do not use agencies and have had no trouble with genuine independents. Because of threats I was wary of logging this however I feel oblidged to help other genuine people.

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    I'm sure your alleged assault was very traumatic, however you haven't really given any details with regards to the city or the escort who allegedly assaulted you?
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    I have not mentioned the name of the escort or the agency because of the threat involved. I did give some good clues from which the escort can be figured out without too much difficulty. Note that the escort was advsrtised as independent. On ringing the number an agency answered but no name. Also the escort and agency can easily change their name and number. They can change apartments easily also. The warning is best regarded as a general warning although based on a specific experience. Does this help ?

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    Dearest, Be careful,
    Are we supposed to hide under the bed or something.Look drown yourself,then you wont have to worry about it. I got a few comments about "well be killed" by some escorts (because we had such a good time and took all day hahahhahaha) and my answer was always the same.Bring it on, bring it on baby.Its easy to push fat buisiness men around or even think your tough around girls.All those nasty tatoos are real scary arent they. Listen if i got a euro for every so called threat i got id be a bloody millionaire now.Stop watching too many horror movies and check between your legs.God man.

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    The advice is clearly not meant for a gentleman like yourself.

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    Im only a gentleman to women.Good night.

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