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    Talking A Good Facial

    Facial - "This is where a man ejectulates over a womans face".
    Thats the Escorts Ireland definition for a facial, and for anyone who may not have indulged themselves on this very satisfying (and safe) sexual practice, then please allow me to offer you some tips, gained from my hard (hard cock!) earned experience.
    I first did a facial on a girlfriend while on a cheap holiday in Lanzarote - and I liked it! Since that first foray in facials, I have done it a few times on escorts, most recently in October, with a mature english escort in her room in a well known hotel near the Grand Canal.
    But because of the nature of that first emotional outpouring of sperm on a hot night in Lanzarote, I tend to reserve it for a special type of event namely Sexual Jealousy, which if harnessed properly, can greatly enhance the pleasure of the ejectulation.
    During the 1998 word cup, myself and my then girlfriend, along with her (female) friend and boyfriend went for a 2 week holiday in Lanzarote, It was my first non family holiday, and I was looking forward to some nookie, I think we all were, we had it planned that way, both the girls were on the pill for the holiday My girlfriend was a 21 year old brunete, not bad looking, she worked as a gym instructor, and so was quiet slim and fit. We shared a 2 bedroom apartment, and I fondly recall that on our arrival, each couple adjurned to our respective bedroom for sex.
    After a few days we settled into a routine, we would rise about midday, have something to eat, myself and the other guy would then watch the afternoon World Cup match, the girls would go shopping, we would all eat in the evening, maybe watch the evening match, and then retire to bed for some pleasent lovemaking, before going to sleep.
    But tensions were rising with the girls, especially my girlfriend. There were a lot of topless girls walking to and from the beach, and she accused me of oogling them (as if )Diplomatic relations broke down by the start of the second week, and while the other couple continued their nightly noisey love making sessions, myself and the girlfriend stopped havind sex.
    And then a bombshell, my girlfriend started to see a Spanish barman at our hotel, and I dont mind saying, I was jealous, jealous in a sexual way, which can be a very powerfull thing. She met him a few times, and in my dirty mind I imagined him do all sorts of things to her in his bed, while I moped around..
    But the other couple talked to her, and as it was we made up on the last night in the bedroom, we all had a little drink taken, and I was pretty messed up with the jealousy, and as we spoke one thing led to another, and she knelt down in front of me apoligizing, I took my shorts off and began fonding my dick in front of her face, I suppose my balls were full of kinky tension, and before long the crazy situation began of me thrusting my cock into her face as she continually apoligized for messing with the barman, and then my cock erupted, and 4 days of sexual jealousy, tension and frustation squirted out all over her cheeks, forehead, lips and even hair. It just felt like a huge relief to me.
    In hindsight I would class it as one of my more memorable ejectulations, due to the emotional situation it took place in.
    Since then I have tried to harness any sexual jealousy of tension I might sometimes have to enhance the pleasure of a ejectulation, I have used this a few times in my job, where there is a particular female manager (late 30s, blond bitch ) who has, unknown to herself
    provided me with some good climaxs with escorts, more than once, (like in October).
    I have gone to a escort, who might have a resemmblence to this bitch, and have a sex session and then finish off with a facial.
    Theres 2 types of facial I have done and you can try, you can just mastubate yourself off in front of her face, cumming over her features, or, alternatively, slowly thrust and rub your cock into her face. If possible have her put baby oil on her face before you start, it makes your cock feel smooth on her face.
    So if your girlfriend, or wife, or boss is bursting your balls, go to an escort, who reminds you of her, and have a facial and empty your balls onto her face- you will feel better!
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    i wud`ve hurt that barman real bad,layed him right out.her messing about and him nicking your girl off you like that is just not on spunky

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