I have studied the web site in detail over the last few days , and in future have decided to pick new girls based on photos not reviews.
I don't trust the review system. It mainly concerns 'friends' of escorts promoting 'business' or non friends of escorts trying to discredit them.
In future i'm basing my choice on the following

No Eastern European girls ( including the ones pretending to be German, Italian, Dutch,) the cheekbones are a giveaway girls !!!!

No tacky apartment photos, especially those with hidden faces...

No girls with two mobile numbers..

No girls offering 24 hrs

My selection process in future is: professional quality glamour photos, girls who don't work after 10pm,
girls with websites, girls who use hotels, I know hotels are a big issue with a lot of punters, however I spend a lot of my work time staying in different hotels and feel very comfortable in that enviornment.
Check it out guys, the photos do tell a story.......