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    i got up early this morning and thought what better way to spend st patricks day than a nice days fishing so i went to the river to try and catch some minnow for bait but had no joy so back home put the kettle on boiled up some water got some washing up liquid and poured it around the back garden this brought up some very nice juicy worms yummmy i said to myself yeah dirty harrys going to have a nice days fishing with these worms so back to the river i went with my gear i started to walk down stream to find a nice quiet spot and i met this young chap heading home he showed me his catch two fine trout about 2pounds in weight so i couldn't wait to cast my line in the water and when i did i hit the tree on the other side i thought swell there goes mt first hook beter luck with my next cast i hope yes i hit the water this time all i have to do is wait for a fish to take the bait so i will just go for a walk after 3hours of not even a bite i gave it one more try another cast in the water sat down waiting then after about 10mins i noticed my fishing rod had a strain on it then the rod took one big chuck my heart started beating fast great hope its a 2pounder all i could think of was trout for my tea so when i started to reel in my line the strain on the rod was there but icouldn't feel the fish fighting on the other end i thought this aint good then when my line came to an end and too my horror i had hooked a used tampax i thought swell no trout for harrys tea after all

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    Well 10 out of 10 for honesty and not going down the "one that got away" route.


    Try a net next time, its not as sporting but it gets results

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