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Thread: Lesbian Escorts-do You Think There Is A Market For Such Thing?

  1. Default Lesbian Escorts-do You Think There Is A Market For Such Thing?

    Hi I'm new to the boards.I've been thinking bout becoming an escort for lesbians but I havent come across any reviews written by women and I was wonderin does anyone know if demand for this service exists

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    Wink Maybe.

    It wont be a big market. Marketing is one of your big problems. How are you going to market? How many women are going to log in to EI looking for buisiness? One ,Two? How many women kerb crawl? Apart from a few college students stalking very few.
    I know a few lesbians and i can tell you that there is no way that they would pay. They just go to a gay club ,plain and simple. Remember the Swinging sceane is there as well where women dont pay. Im assuming your either bi or lesbian ,would you pay? I doubt it.
    Only men are stupid enough to pay for sex. Better off buying a good book and read up on the ladies. Just my two cents. Hope it works out for you. Hey try it.What do you lose? Very little.

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    according to this site there is quite a high demand in england for lesbian escort.I'm bi and if I was to work as an escort I think I could only work up as far blow jobs.Do you think I would get work

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    This is not England. Bigger pop, bigger place.You take it a step further and go to New York and do even better. Cant speak for UK but here i dont think you would do much buisness here as far as lesbo goes. Like i said try it and see.
    As for BJs only.On the street yes , incall/outcall you wouldnt do great because youll have to cut the costs down too much and why would a guy go for just bj when he could get a lot more?.
    The lesbo q about how much buisness youll do brings back a memory to me from 05. Was going out with an ex lap dancer who decided to try st work (met her through her work).We fell out because she tried to get me to go to work on Dublin sts escorting for women ( she no longer works now).Not worth my while becuse i didnt think there would be enough if any to justify spending three days a week on the sts of Dub. See your talking about time here ,hanging around to be ready if you get a call or standing all night on a st wondering why clowns drive around in circles all the time. You dont want to waste your whole time hanging around for little.You ned to see money popping in, to pay the bills.
    If you want a real honest answer ,assuming you never worked as an escort, i would say dont. Based on what ive seen (dated a few escorts and obviously had lots of talk at times) its not a good idea. The average person couldnt handle it mentally. PS dont ever assume that your average until you proof it.Reagrdless best wishes in whatever you decide to do. The call is yours at the end of the day and the choice will always be there.

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