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Thread: Liz is back in town.

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    Default Liz is back in town.

    I see Liz is back in town, I have to say, she looks very shagable, I would love to stick my cock in her mouth and explode down her throat. There's a lot of shagging left in Liz yet, she looks very sexy on her profile, welcome back Liz.
    Once a prick - always a prick.

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    Yeah, I'm even prepared to concur. She made it her passion to insult & wind-up some of us on here but I'm big enough to say - bygones ....
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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    LOL some people might see that as a reason for keeping a low profile. Liz's advert profile has to be's the only time I've ever seen an escort attacking people in her intro. Having said that, I suspect that Liz has a bit of the Margaret Thatchers about know that she will probably give you one unmerciful handbagging and tongue lashing if you get on the wrong side of her, but secretly everybody want's to be blown away by her in the bedroom. Meet the hot one and find out how the Argentinians felt after Maggie's boys reached the Falklands.

    I would'nt bother trying to surrender as I don't think the lady gives any quarter.

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    I have to say, she is right, I never read such an introduction before

    Honestly, I sympathise with her about the fake bookings in Dublin.
    I know it will happen in Cork too, maybe not as bad as in Dublin but plenty of
    "Jim, Liam, Connor, Damien, Melvin, Claudio"
    left around to make bogus bookings and someone miserable.

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