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Thread: New to the board and a stupid question right away :)

  1. Question New to the board and a stupid question right away :)

    Hi Guys,

    finally I signed up for these nice boards and right from the start I've got a simple question

    Anyone knows if Michelle Mature is on holidays or if she is around for "business" ?

    I'm looking forward to your enlightening words

    All the best and a Happy new Year

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    er, sorry about the title. I did not mean to post that on here.

    However, I have never been with her but I would say the obvious thing to do is ring her and if she doesn't answer leave a message. Maybe email her or PM her board username? Not much help I know but best of luck to you. Also keep in mind there are many other girls you could contact.
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  3. Default Thanks Hal

    Hi Hal,

    thanks for your reply.

    I tried calling her and only the answering machine is picking up with no chance to leave a messagem

    I dropped her a text and wait for her to reply.

    As I've been with her before (and had a fantastic time ) I will wait patiently


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