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Thread: where the street girls????

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    Default where the street girls????

    ive been driving around limerick streets for a while and dont seem to see anymore street girls around does anyone know where they are or have they moved from perys square

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    maybe because they dont want to end up like the beautifl girls in ipswitch x
    safer sex is better

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    the same thing is happening i cork , no girls out . this is a trend with the last 3 years the number of girls has declined . on the odd time one of them reappears for a while and if your lucky they work by phone

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    Default limerick streets

    hi any news in limerick streets, have ladies moved to new location, or does anybody know,,,,,

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    Hiya there. I haven't heard or seen any girls in Limerick since well before Xmas. There were two foreign ladies but they were sent back home. Limerick is brutal.

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    Default Limerick Scene

    I think the Limerick street scene is gone, the guards monitored Pery Sq too much it was just too dangerous to be picking the girls up and O'Curry St was for the blind or the drunk.
    Anyone got an upto date on the scene?

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