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Thread: Customer Satisfaction- Female Escorts vs Transexuals

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    Default Customer Satisfaction- Female Escorts vs Transexuals

    I didnt quite venture into ElGordo territory but of the last 50 reviews for

    Female Escorts 47 positive 2 negative 1 neutral
    Transexuals 43 + 7 -

    with so many positive reviews can things really be expected to get much better ?

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    I think the impulse for most is to review after a good encounter. You try to put any bad ones out of your mind asap unless it was really bad. Especially as the process of logging a review on this website is such a torture session.

    Over time the women who provide a good service will accumulate a lot of reviews while the chancers and those ill-suited to the profession will be left with few or none. Verifiable bad reviews are just a bonus.

    Of course, writing a bad review after a truthfully bad encounter should be done as a matter of duty, in an ideal world. I don't think I have given a bad review yet, but that's as much to do with my selection process (many reviews needed etc) for weeding out the idiots as anything else. But I will from now on should the occasion arise. I promise.

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