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Thread: Looking for a young, hot girl to take to nightclub?

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    Default Looking for a young, hot girl to take to nightclub?

    Hey there beautiful girls of Dublin!

    I'm looking for a very specific request here. Basically, i want to show my work colleagues that i can chat up hot women and do well with them in a nightclub situation (sad i know but it gets bloody annoying after a while as i'm sure some of you know)!

    Specifically, i'm lookin for a young (18-26/27) girl who is hot/eye-catching, can hold a conversation in english, fun and who would be willing to go to a club on her own, stay for 30 minutes to an hour in the club.. which includes pretending to chat me up infront of my friends.. do a bit of dancing.. light kissing.. then head back to her place (incall) for a half hour session. All expenses paid (transport, drinks, club). We can discuss any security concerns beforehand.

    I am a 23 year old italian/american banker living in Dublin due to job opportunity...goodlooking, good job, educated, fluent english speaker..basically NOT a dirty sleeze who knows how to treat a women like she should be treated and looking for a girl with similar qualities! If you would like pictures or a meeting before hand i'm happy to do that.. just don't want to share too much here!

    Adios peeps

    always newexperiences

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    Sorry for double post but wanted to add that the escort can choose to bring a girlfriend with her! And i'm happy to listen to all offers and hopefully negotiate a deal that will suit both of us. : )


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