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Thread: Take my body but leave my jewels......

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    Default Take my body but leave my jewels......

    Was walkign through town today. Decided i was going to have a nice relaxed day today. Well i was texting someone when i get this "hoowauuuuuu". I looked around with WTF and before i knew it i was being poked in the arm. "long time". "long Timeeeee". A thai girl i saw in a thai massage before. These girls are just so used to playing men but i love it.They just cant figure me out because i dont suddenly get all amazed and goofy with visions of far away frolics in the jungles of Thailand and Malaysia. "long time" "long Time i see you". "ah but you see me now sweetie"."Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

    Im easy and available to all thai girls. Really i marry you in the morning.

    no really i would,

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    Long Dong, the samurai master, arrives home to find Westie in bed with his girlfriend Fuk Mi. This will not end well.

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