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Thread: Question for the Working Girls.

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    Question Question for the Working Girls.

    I suppose after escorting for a while a certain percentage of your clients are going to be repeat business but I was wondering how much of your business these days is from totally new clients ?

    10 % / 99 % ???

    Fresh meat as it were ?

    And has there been a change over the last few years - Is there more /less/or the same amount of newbies

    And are they younger than they would have been in the past ?

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    I am only doing escorting for a relatively short time (on this Valentine's Day is a year ).

    With data compiled from the last 6 months (as I wasn't so organised at the beginning), I found the percent of repeat clients for me is about 70 %. This is very good in my oppinion.

    In the nearest future, this percent will increase as I don't intend to see many new clients.
    Advantages ??? It would be much saver for me, I will also avoid getting all upset because most of the new numbers lately tend to be people who don't show up to their appointments.

    Younger clients then before ??? Not for me. I only see young men as an exception, when they handle a booking with me in a very polite & mature manner.

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