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Thread: A new escort in Dublin!

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    Default A new escort in Dublin!

    Fellow punters- enough of talking about your dirty arses!
    I have news for yous- there is a new exciting escort in Dublin- and in your interests I visited her!
    Yes from the land of Cheaters we have a new French escort- Mary 3 Tits!
    I visited her today- I include a picture of myself and the good Mary below-
    She gives good value- especially if you like to cum on tits!

    "Tell me Deek- are all the Earish men as sexy as you?" she asked.
    "Well some of them are" I replied- "but make sure you have a big supply of Brillo pads"
    "Brillo pads Deek- why do I need Brillo pads?
    "So all the dirty fuckers can clean their arses !" I told her.

    Mary 3 tits 30 minutes 350 euro
    1 hour 700 euro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick Spunk View Post
    Mary 3 tits
    isnt she from the future?

    (The pic is from the movie - Total Recall)

    Who do I trust? I trust me!

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