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Thread: Want more business and keep your rates up?

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    Default Want more business and keep your rates up?

    Hi girls.

    Thought that might sound interesting to you...

    About 70% of men are visual, if your pictures do not catch their attention within the first 5 sec, the business is gone.

    I guess you already know.. Men will pay for what they want!

    So if you got what they want, why show it off on bad pictures?

    Your in luck, as I am currently working on my book, I will do the whole job for free...
    That is the shots and the editing.
    All I want is to be allowed to use the pictures in my book if you like them (That means, you still got the full rights to the photos, I will only use them as an example to show possible clients)

    Drop me an mail on

    What's the worst that can happen?
    See you!

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    What a pair of crackers!

    I think I'm in love

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