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Thread: "These *removed by patricia* haven't a clue"

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    Thumbs down "These *removed by patricia* haven't a clue"

    A buddy of mine went to get his car fixed recently by a friend of his who happens to be a mechanic. He happened to ask the mechanic friend as to how business was,

    Fucking fantastic, sensational, never better- these *removed by patricia* havent a fucking clue - they have no idea about anti freeze - think their cars are fucked......I'm making a bomb outta them.

    Theres nothing quite like a Capitalist Racist is there ?

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    Do you think he was wrong to say that they haven't a clue AlecHoran? Or is he not allowed to say it because they're black?

    AlecHoran I thought you were a decent guy, but the way you're throwing around the word "racist" in such a hateful and spiteful manner makes me think otherwise.

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    Thread closed. With a title like that, it wasn't going anywhere positive.

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