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    Hi Lads,

    I'm due to visit Berlin soon, anyone been there before? If so, any good hints on where to go punting either through clubs or private escorts?



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    Try Artemis - I was due to go in December but was ill and couldn't travel. I have heard its the dogs bollox. I am definitely going to re-schedule a visit to Brelin & Artemis in the next couple of months.

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    Hi there,

    being german myself I've been to Berlin quite a few times and may have one or two ideas - you can have so much fun there
    I hope you do speak at least a bit of german because if you're after independent girls you will have to make some calls, only very few will see you without having at least talked to you once.
    Good sources for information are Berlinintim (Erotik & Sex in Berlin | Huren & Bordelle - BERLINintim) Preussensex ( Escort | Escortservice | Bordelle | Hobbyhuren | Puff | Berlin ) or Rotlichtmodelle (Erotik,Rotlicht,Modelle,Ladies,Escort,Massage,Hobby Huren,Sex) - all in german - but if you click the pictures you may get the idea
    These are basically directories to independent girls, brothels, massages etc.

    I personally wouldn't go to the Artemis club - for Berlin standards its kind of pricey, but you will have a good choice of girls and if you like the spa and sauna club idea of it, so why not.
    You may have heard of this Pussy Club near the airport (Home Airport Muschis) - euro 50 for all-you-can-eat during the day. Sounds nice but stay away unless you like to stand in line wearing only a towel whilst waiting for a girl and don't object to sharing the room/bed with other couples. I haven't been there myself but thats the general feedback in german forums.
    There is another club like that near KaDeWe called Caligula (Bordell Berlin ++ Caligula Bordell Berlin ++ Bordelle Berlin Puffs) - they have a better reputation and with eur 99 for staying as long as you like its still good value.

    If you need some more or have a special interest, let me know - I might be able to point you in the right direction.


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    Cheer Littlenic, I'll let you know how I get on!

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    I'm Irish and living in Dublin however I've been to Artemis approx 10 times now since '07. I reckon it's one of the best places for P4P in Europe. True it is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Great girls and facilities. €80 entry for the day but you can sign out and come back again later if you want, open 11am to 5am next day. Entry includes open buffet and free soft drinks. alcoholic drinks are extra. €60 for a half hour session with a girl, includes oral without and covered sex as standard. Very high standard and variation in girls looks and nationalities.
    I've also been to a few other places around the Charlottenburg area, they are cheaper than Artemis but a lot more seedy and down market.

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    Hey guys
    Just a word to the wise:
    Stay away from the street girls on the oranienberger strasse. Theyre amazing looking, but once you get in to the room, even if you agreed 150 for full service, the price starts to rocket up... I was quoted 400 total for full service, after paying 150 already. Ended up with a shit bj covered, no touching, no nudity, honestly never felt more robbed....
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    never been to these places must do it sometime

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