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    Has anyone had experience of TARA the coloured escort in Cork at the moment. The pictures look good but she doesn't allow reviews so I am dubious.

    Can anyone verify the accuracy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyCurvybabe View Post
    if no one gets back to you

    you could always meet her and if its not her explain it to her and walk away
    but if its her go on and have fun

    make sure though to report back to us incase someone else has the same question
    I took your advice Kelly. She is definately the girl in the photos although they may be a little airbrushed.
    She isn't English as advertised but from Ghana. The location is in a much used apartment block. She was very keen!

    100 for 30 minutes was good value so I got her friend to join us so it worked out at 200 for two girls for 30 minutes and we did run a little over the 30 minutes.
    The second girl (Mary) was a little larger but she had lovely skin, massive jugs and nipples the size of my baby finger.

    It didn't seem like an independent operation but it could have been a co-operative rather than an agency.

    Either way, I did enjoy it. Would I go back? Probably not as I like to keep things varied but that is not to say that others shouldn't have a look-see.

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