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Thread: Women only parlours.

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    Do any of you think there would be a market for a parlour exclusively for women to visit? It could have a male gigilo and a girl who sees lesbians on duty every day. That way if the neighbours sussed the place and saw a girl going in they at least wouldn't know if she is going to get laid or lick pussy.

    After all, you get gyms that are women only, so why not brothels?

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    'Cuz I'm pretty sure it's mainly guys who visit escorts. Seriously- poor escorts working there would probably have to rent out their genitals for advertising just to make ends meet!

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    I dont think it would work because women dont have to pay for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by feargal View Post
    I dont think it would work because women dont have to pay for it
    she only has to ask a guy in a nightclub to to her home and fuck her and shes swiftly out of there.

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