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Thread: Guy you have been banned during 9x3 time as back into the review systems again

  1. Default Guy you have been banned during 9x3 time as back into the review systems again


    I just noticed guys who were “rated” or banned during 9x3 time as Review Moderator are welcome back in the review game again ?? How come ?

    This review system is just a pure mockery, from now one I will up out of the review system till E-I clear their messy review system.

    Enough is enough, big decision no real result at the end of the day.

    Sasha eve

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    Default Perhaps....

    Some reviews or reviewers which were called into question during NBT's time have now been validated.....

    I don't think it's a case that all reviews which were given rats by NBT have been removed.........
    Advertising space available for hire, and reviews for sale, just call

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    Thanks for your answer Luther, that means all the hard work 9x3 have been doing during this time is gone with wind now, because is not welcome anymore on EI.

    When you employ someone to do a job and u was happy with it until the row u should not come back into justify taking decision

    Do you think 9x3 when he decided to ratted or banned he have done it without investigation??

    Now 9x3 is gone, banned guys send a friendly email to the staff and they are welcome back with open arm without taking into consideration the damage they have done to girl reputation by posting fake review??

    I found that speechless such a way of dealing

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    Sasha, I can't answer your query seeing as you haven't told me wich review/reviewer you are talking about. Without this info I can't possibly look into this. So, please tell me, here or by PM, if you want this looked into.

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    Pat, i will pm you all the infos about ths reviewer.

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