As known escort i tought,that unwritten rules for all escorts are the same-Never ever contact your client without premission!!!!!

Here was a thread about-male escort advertising his service,and i posted comment on it.
He started to text me himself without me contacting him first and offering his services.

Boy! if my working phone is on fecking web,it does not mean,that you are alowed to text me or ring me from blue unless you want my services. When i will want yours,i will let you know myself! Is that fair enough?

I feel for all those wifes,if any rang you. I ve even received messages while together with my friends or bf! Do u really want to get me or any other people in trouble,if you contact me from your own free will? Without me asking you to do that.
I don t give fU*k,if my pictures look hot!

You have NO right to contact me unless i ask you.

That was a huge turn down today,and any pevious day you did it,johnr.