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    I'm a journalist researching a story.

    I have read about the owners of this website but I would also like to know who owns

    I have been given some names and a company name but further research shows the company does not exist?

    I tried to ask on but my post was deleted.

    I have also noticed both this website and use the same address in Belfast.

    I have spoken to 3 escorts listed on today who have confirmed asks its advertisers to post cash to Suite 133, Thomas House, 47 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JJ.

    This is an address also used by
    Escort Ireland Profile - Members Directory - Irish Internet Association Website

    Can please tell me why they share an address with

    Thank you


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    To be a member of the IIA you need to provide an address in Ireland. We are based in the UK. So I used a mail forwarding service, that is what this address is:
    Mail Boxes Etc. Belfast
    We don't use it anywhere else and we certainly don't get cash sent to it.

    Regards your other questions, take them back to IIE, I can't help you.

    Anyone else wishing to provide Jenny with info on IIE, please PM her. Posts here will be deleted as, I'll say it again, I am not allowing this site to be taken over by one topic which most members here have no interest in.

    Pat x

    UPDATE: Actually you are banned, your IP links to 2 other already banned accounts.

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