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    Its nice to see a few more Irish Girls on the site but a couple of things bother me about most of them,
    1. Why do most of them not have verified pics? I understand why they will not show face pics as they are afraid they will be recognised but there are lots of girls on here with verified pics who do not show their faces.

    2. Why do most of them not allow reviews? I will generally not visit a girl without reviews and from reading previous post I know I am not alone there. I really would like to visit some of these Irish Girls but money is too hard to come by these days to take a chance on a blind meeting.

    One other question....Any irish girl with verified pics and allowing reviews intending visiting the Midlands (Laois,Offaly,Kildare) in the near future?? pm me with details please

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    Yeah, I agree. And there are also a a few suspicious things that put me off too.

    Gaelic Corrina & Irish Kerry are clearly the same person. Kerry allows reviews, but Corrina doesn't - and they also work different hours! Odd.

    Also - Katie (IRISH) has obviously taken photos of a magazine for her pics. Why bother? I don't know why girls don't just take a pic of their body & get it verified.

    But it's the not allowing reviews that puts me off the most - I'll never visit anyone without reviews, and I think most people are the same.


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    hi boys im irish @ those are my real pics @ i do allow reviews so if u want to keep it real @ irish call me on 0872899209 kisses abbey xxxx

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