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    I've talked to a number of Irish escort clients over the years who have found escorts services in Ireland not very accessible (for people with disabilities).

    Clients in wheelchairs would like wheelchair friendly incall escort services, clients who are deaf would like to be able to make escort booking arrangements by text message / email etc.

    However, it seems it can be really difficult for clients with disabilities like the above to enjoy Irish escort services, due to many Irish escort services not being very disabled friendly.

    I am currently working on an idea for a scheme to try to make more Irish escorts and agencies aware of accessibility issues and obviously encourage them to be more disabled friendly if they can be.

    I would be very interested in any feedback on this issue from clients or escort / agencies at this stage.



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    i agree as i have said on this post i came over a few weeks ago to accompany a client for 3 days and he was disabled. a very nice man (not going too far) just cos he was in a chair he felt he had to e-mail some1 in uk.

    although in the end he did rip me off !

    but thats not the issue here, gentlemen who are blind, deaf or 'wheelchair bound' are no different from any other bloke so give them a break. whatever scheme linda is trying to set up all you girls should back her up.

    good luck darling

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