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    Smile Jamaica

    Any one any info on Kingston Jamaica
    Best regards Feargal
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    Hi Fergal,
    I've been on a few trips to Jamaica, I have stayed in Kingston although there are plenty of clubs all over the island. Kingston isn't really that interesting. I have stayed in Port Royal across the bay where the airport is. It has bars, restaurants (of a sort) but I usually head to Negril. It's about three hours outside of Kingston and It's more "Jamaican" than Montego bay.There is a strip bar there and there is a sex resort there called Hedonism, I wouldn't stay there but you can pay to visit for the day. It's kinda fucked up but fun...

    Please remember Kingston is a dangerous city - make no mistake about that. I'll assume that you are white Fergal so please follow these two simple rules:

    Do not go wandering off the main street at any time... Do not go anywhere without a taxi driver dropping you off or picking you up.

    The taxi driver is your best buddy out there. They will know all the strip clubs and will take you to a bar where you will be safe. There is a dance club in the main street in Kingston and it has a reasonable reputation for being safe but the girls keep their clothes on. Believe it or not people are kinda religious there...

    Last time I was in Kingston, I was staying overnight before catching the flight home the next day. I called a taxi and asked him to take me to a club where there was dirty women... He drove me a couple of miles to a bar which was on a main road and when I walked it there was some hot black women in bikini's strutting around on a bar in front of a mainly white audience. I knew that most of the guys there were fucking amateurs and only there to drink beer and shit their pants when the girls came close.

    You can smoke blow in these bars - which is great, as the chicks love it too. I watched the girls for a while and eventually they started working the room... it's pretty simple to call them over, don't wait for the girls to approach you. When I caught they eye of the girl I wanted to fuck, it was a straight forward negotiation with her about coming back to my hotel. I had to pay the club and pay her... all in all I think I paid about $70US. The US Dollar is God out there but be careful about flashing big wads of it about. Break it up into smaller denominations and have a "mugging stash" of 20 1$ notes tucked away in a specific pocket just in case you get harassed - Throw the lot on the ground and fucking leg it...

    So stick to the main street, listen to the taxi drivers and get the girls back to your hotel and get them stoned you can get more than one crack at the derby and if you play it well the girls will stay and go for another ride in the morning. Remember the $ is God so don't be afraid to keep the girls going with the thought of a tip...
    Enjoy your visit my friend. Jamaica is a great Island for whore mongering... Tell us about your adventures when you return...

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