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Thread: Review removal,why ?

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    Default Review removal,why ?

    I happen to notice my review of Escort SUZANNE (mature) has been REMOVED. This review was unfavourable because the Escort took payment then delivered a totally NAFF service.
    She tried to talk her way through the entire session, initiated NOTHING, was quite tipsy, and worst of
    all was most unhygienic "downstairs". ---- I did notice that shortly after my review ,she recieved another negative one then proceeded to remove herself from the Review System.
    --- I understand that all revenue to this site is generated from Escort advertisments , but it has to be
    appreciated that this is indirectly PUNTERS PAYMENTS, and the Review System is a fundamental attraction and instrument to the success of E-I. --- and hence must be seen to be trustworthy and credulous .-- at present I deem it is NEITHER.

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    Default Review out of date

    I believe the reason behind this is the date of the appointment going back to February, under new review rules review should be recent not older than 3 months.

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