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Thread: lets be civilised today.(Almost)

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    Default lets be civilised today.(Almost)

    Gentlemen, my offer today.. What about a nice cup of tea or coffee and some of my favorite biscuits, we can have a nice civilised chat for ten minutes about how I am going to fuck your ass. You can tell me exactly how you want to cum, and then we can spend the next 45 mins doing it and making sure you have the best orgasm ever.

    Contessa xx 0877436333

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    Feck I'm blushing now - you started all sweet and nice !

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    yes indeed.. seems like you have taken my advice and gone and dominated yourself a nice cup of tea with a couple of lovely rich tea biscuits, or chocolate digestives, making sure not to drop the biscuit into the cup whilst dunking!

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    ahh Mr Ploy,

    yes I remember taking your advice to calm down after you slurred my abilities as a Dominatrix. I am eating a nice Rich tea as we speak and offering my guest a choc chip cookie and you may guess where the choc chip came from!!. I would love you to come and visit me, I wonder if your little gentleman would be able to rise to the occassion, I'm sure the only tissues I would need for you would be to dry your little tears, my pet.
    why dont you come along, if I dont make you scream you can have your money ( or maybee your mummy) back. oh and I have a but plug that would fit you tight little ass, its called a matchstick!

    Yours as always

    Mistress Contessa x

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    If i was into strap ons , i'd be your bitch for sure !
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    Instead of a strapon ,I can always put my electrics on your cock, as well as the obvious it makes your hair stand on end and your tongue stick out..... sorry just noticed you have used them before!!!

    Contessa x

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