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Thread: Girls: Who would you rather as a client, Pat Kenny or Ryan Tubridy?

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    Default Girls: Who would you rather as a client, Pat Kenny or Ryan Tubridy?

    It's a private poll, I'd add other personalities but escorts mightn't really know them (are they really going to watch much Irish tv? ).

    Would you like:

    * Pat Kenny - Always a gentleman. Can be interesting but may put you to sleep. Sometimes messes up completely when he tries to be spontaneous and "with it" though. Gets embarrassed easily. Tries his best.

    * Ryan Tubridy - Weighs about 100 pounds. Can be genuinely funny sometimes, or get it all wrong at others. Can be sleek, but might be a bit sharpish if he doesn't like you.

    I'd prefer Pat Kenny. Imagine Pat trying to get an escort though...: "Hello, may I speak to Isabella?" "Oh my god it's PAT KENNY!!!, what did I win, a car, a trip, a few grand????" "errr... no sorry. Actually I was wondering if facesitting is extra like it says on your profile as I have had misunderstandings about this before..."

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    ha ha priceless stuff.. just imagine what he looks like when he is getting his war face on.. ill bet his quiff even becomes displaced

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    Lovely but busy.....

    Default Nah - Duller and duller - how about.....?

    Podge and Rodge......

    That'd work...


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